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How do the 12 archetypes define the
essence of your brand?
Feria Design Today
How do the 12 archetypes define the
essence of your brand?

The transformative power of brand archetypes

In the universe of branding, nothing happens by chance. Brands that stand out and become favorites have a secret: they understand and apply the power of archetypes. These are not mere labels; they are the essence that gives life, personality, and direction to a brand, allowing it to connect authentically with its audience.


The journey to authenticity: Understanding your archetype

Identifying your brand’s archetype is crucial for defining its role and narrative in your consumers’ lives. This clarity is essential for conveying who you are and what values you represent. Whether the connection with your archetype emerges instantly or requires deep analysis, the goal is the same: to find your brand’s true identity and enhance its emotional impact and resonance.


The diversity of archetypes: A mirror of our humanity

Archetypes reflect different facets of human experience, from empathy and care to bravery and exploration. By choosing and embodying one of these archetypes, your brand not only defines itself but also invites your audience to see a reflection of their own values and aspirations.

"An archetype provides brands with the ability to forge deeper connections with their audiences."
Arquetipos Branding Collective Archetype

The 12 brand archetypes and their characteristics

  1. The Caregiver: Characterized by empathy, generosity, and a desire to assist others. Brand examples: Campbell’s, Johnson & Johnson.
  2. The Citizen: Values the dignity and worth of each individual, offering lessons through empathy and practical wisdom. Brand examples: Gap, Habitat for Humanity.
  3. The Hero: Represents strength and courage, overcoming significant obstacles and persevering in the face of adversity. Brand examples: Nike, U.S. Army.
  4. The Innocent: Maintains an optimistic and confident outlook, known for spontaneity and joy. Brand examples: Charmin, Avon.
  5. The Explorer: Longs to venture beyond the known, seeking new experiences and less traveled paths. Brand examples: The North Face, Subaru.
  6. The Rebel: Challenges the status quo and advocates for transformation, questioning established structures. Brand examples: Harley Davidson, Virgin.
  7. The Lover: Seeks to create experiences of pleasure and intimacy, celebrating beauty and emotional connections. Brand examples: Victoria’s Secret, BMW.
  8. The Creator: Focuses on innovation and artistic expression, rejecting mediocrity. Brand examples: LEGO, Canon.
  9. The Jester: Lives to enjoy life and have fun, turning the ordinary into the extraordinary. Brand examples: Taco Bell, Skittles.
  10. The Sage: Dedicates itself to the pursuit of truth and knowledge, aspiring to provide enlightening solutions. Brand examples: CNN, The Wall Street Journal.
  11. The Magician: Explores the fundamental laws of the universe to transform and manifest visions. Brand examples: Disney, TED.
  12. The Ruler: Inspires leadership and responsibility, fostering an environment that values everyone’s contribution. Brand examples: Rolex, American Express.
"What is your company's archetype, The Hero, The Sage, or The Maiden?"
Arquetipos Branding Timeless Archetype

Essential guidance: Discovering and living your archetype

Defining your brand’s archetype can be an introspective journey that, at times, requires an external perspective to provide objectivity and depth. It is a process that invites collaboration and exploration, and that can reveal the heart and unique essence of your brand.


A Legacy of authenticity and connection

Determining and embracing your brand’s archetype is not just a branding exercise; it’s a step toward creating an authentic and memorable identity. This approach not only strengthens your brand’s communication and presence but also guides you in building a resonant and meaningful legacy. By understanding and living your archetype, your brand can transcend, connecting genuinely and enduringly with people.


Want to find your own archetype and connect with your audience through your brand? Contact us.

"This approach not only strengthens your brand's communication and presence but also guides you in building a legacy."
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