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Bob Proctor, 10 steps for you to reach
your best version
More from Feria Design
Bob Proctor, 10 steps for you to reach
your best version

There is no tailwind for those who have no direction, that is why we share with you this guide that will improve your life and allow you to achieve what for you is success. There is no absolute truth, but there are people we believe in even without knowing them physically, whose way of seeing and living each day deserves to be shared. For sure, if you incorporate each step into your life you will notice significant positive changes.

Bob Proctor, a motivational speaker, author and business consultant, has developed this 10-step program that is based on the principles of the law of attraction and the power of positive thinking, and is designed to help people overcome limiting beliefs and unlock their true potential.

Step 1: Clarify your goals

The first step in Proctor’s program is to get clear on your goals. This means taking the time to think about what you really want in life and writing down your goals in a clear and specific way. It is important to develop a clear plan of action and spend time visualizing yourself achieving your goals.

Step 2: Identify your limiting beliefs

The second step is to identify your limiting beliefs. These are negative thoughts and attitudes that prevent you from realizing your full potential. Identify these limiting beliefs and work to overcome them.

“Write down your goals, externalizing your thoughts allows others to make sense of them, and prevents what you want to achieve from remaining just a mental exercise”
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Step 3: Take responsibility for your thoughts.

The third step is to take responsibility for your thoughts. This means being aware of the thoughts you have and being aware of the impact they have on your life. Focus on positive thoughts and take control of your thoughts.

Step 4: Take action

The fourth step is to take action. It is critical to take action to achieve your goals, rather than just thinking about them. Take small, steady steps toward your goals, rather than trying to achieve them all at once.

Step 5: Practice positive affirmations

The fifth step is to practice positive affirmations. Repeat positive affirmations regularly to change your mindset and reprogram your subconscious. This is in line with the manifestation principle, which states that thoughts become things.

Step 6: Surround yourself with positive people

The sixth step is to surround yourself with positive people. Proctor emphasizes the importance of surrounding yourself with supportive and encouraging people, rather than negative and critical people. Seek out positive role models and spend time with people who inspire and motivate you.

“¡Evolve on the fly!, planning is important, research is important, getting motivated is important, but what's really crucial is taking action.”
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Step 7: Focus on gratitude.

The seventh step is to focus on gratitude. Be grateful for what you have and to focus on the positive aspects of your life, rather than dwelling on the negative ones. By focusing on gratitude, you can attract more positivity into your life.

Step 8: Take care of your body

The eighth step is to take care of your body. Prioritize your physical well-being and make it a priority to exercise regularly, eat a healthy diet and get enough sleep. Taking care of your body can improve your mental and emotional well-being.

Step 9: Invest in personal development

The ninth step is to invest in personal development. Constantly learn and seek new knowledge and experiences. Always try to read books, attend seminars and participate in other activities that help you grow and improve.

Step 10: Believe in yourself

The tenth and final step is to believe in yourself. Havefaith in your abilities and trust that you can achieve your goals. Only by believing in yourself can you make your goals a reality.

This program is designed to help people overcome limiting beliefs and achieve success in their personal and professional lives, but seeing the results of each step depends solely on what we are willing to give to be our best version of ourselves.

Just as there are 10 steps to improve your life, according to Bob Proctor, Feria Design Studio has 10 steps to improve the visual communication of your company so that it can communicate coherently with its users. Do you want to improve your company’s communication? Get in touch with us.

Written and Illustration: David Feria Naranjo | Founding CEO

“You are the only problem and the only solution you will ever have in your life, start with what you have and do the best you can”
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