Ecuador in Solidarity


Ecuador Solidario o Ecuador in Solidarity is a graphic cry for social aid that was born as support for the victims of the earthquake of April 16, 2016, with a magnitude of 7.8 on the Richter scale in Manabí, Ecuador, “The sound of several hearts helping, is the only one capable of restoring peoples” David Feria.


Design / Poster / Humanitarian Aid

The repercussion that this visual message had led him to the cover of the Séptimo Día Magazine of the newspaper El Telégrafo of Guayaquil, recognized by the World Summit of Design in the Press. Some time later, is part of the selection of the Ecuador Poster Biennial in Quito 2016 and travels with it to Centrum Spotkania Kultur in Lublin.

A year later at the Bienal del Cartel Bolivia BICeBé 2017,he won first place in CATEGORY E. Animated Gif Poster. But beyond the recognitions, this project is one of my favorite because of all the people he was able to help in the earthquake of April 16, 2016. “We are not the graphics we make, we are the people whose message we give helps” David Feria.

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