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Thank you for visiting us and welcome to our DAVID FERIA ESTUDIO platform, please be sure to read our Terms and Conditions, since by using this platform it is understood that those have been accepted.

DAVID FERIA ESTUDIO offers digital services linked mainly to branding and carrying out visual strategies through the websitehttps://feria.design/. On this platform, operated by David Mauricio Feria Naranjo, users can visit, compare and purchase, if they wish, our products and services. Services contracted after eighteen hours or on non-business days will be considered as contracted on the following business day.


These Terms and Conditions regulate the commercial relationship between the DAVID FERIA ESTUDIO platform and its users. They shall apply and shall be understood to be incorporated into all purchases and all services offered through the marketing systems included in this platform.

Users are required to read all the conditions set forth in these Terms and Conditions and other similar documents before making any management within the platform. Any management carried out will be understood as express acceptance of the Terms and Conditions, any user who does not accept them must refrain from using the platform and/or contracting its services.


Our services may be used by persons of legal age who have legal capacity to contract under Ecuadorian law. Therefore, when using the DAVID FERIA ESTUDIO platform, users declare that they comply with these requirements. If the person is under eighteen years of age, purchases can only be made by the legal representative of the minor.


All promotional or advertising communication sent from this platform will indicate the subject, our identity as sender and, in addition, a link so that the recipient, if he wishes, can request the suspension of those transmissions. In this way, the messages will cease to any person who has requested it and additionally it will be eliminated from our database for advertising in a maximum of fifteen business days. DAVID FERIA ESTUDIO does not request personal or financial data through e-mail or by telephone. If you have any questions, contact us by email [correo electrónico para consultas], where we will answer all your queries.
To request communications of DAVID FERIA ESTUDIO’s services it is necessary to complete the corresponding form with personal information accurately, truthfully and free of bad faith vices, accepting the responsibility to modify the data when necessary. DAVID FERIA ESTUDIO will not be held responsible under any circumstances for the inaccuracy of the personal data provided.


DAVID FERIA ESTUDIO, whenever necessary, is free to update its Terms and Conditions, such modifications will take effect from the time of publication on the platform. Additionally, DAVID FERIA ESTUDIO will send an informative email to its users indicating the changes made. Continued access or use of the platform or services after such publication constitutes consent to be bound by the Terms and Conditions and its modifications, being the latest published version the one that will immediately regulate the commercial relations that are generated at the time of the transaction. In no case shall they affect transactions that have already been finalized.


DAVID FERIA ESTUDIO makes responsible use of users’ personal information, protecting the personal data entrusted by users through security measures. The treatment of personal data is covered in more detail in our Privacy Policy. We remind you that DAVID FERIA ESTUDIO never requests personal or financial data through e-mail.

The personal data that is voluntarily provided when using this site, entering it in the communications link located at the bottom [ubicación del hipervínculo] from our platform; or when completing a purchase process, they may only be processed by DAVID FERIA ESTUDIO for the automatic filling of documents, receipts or vouchers associated with user transactions and for the operation of the payment methods available on the platform; They will not be delivered to third parties, except when permitted by law, and only to companies related to DAVID FERIA ESTUDIO for exclusively commercial purposes.


The operator is obliged to:

  1. Provide clear and updated information regarding the products it displays;
  2. Indicate the general characteristics of the service, according to the information provided so that they serve as a reference for users;
  3. Inform sufficiently about the means enabled and detail the data sufficiently so that users can make the payment safely and efficiently;
  4. Send the notification to the user of the proof of the transaction and its payment;
  5. Make available to users the terms and conditions of use of the platform and its analogous documents in an updated manner;
  6. Use the information provided and personal data only for the purposes established in these terms;
  7. Securely use information and validation mechanisms during the transaction, which may allow the user to accept or not each step of the purchase process, and
  8. Keep your users updated on any changes made to the policies and conditions, privacy policies and similar documents.

The other corresponding obligations provided for in the Ecuadorian Organic Law for the Protection of Personal Data are included.


With the acceptance of these terms and conditions, users agree to:

  1. Provide truthful and true information when requesting communications and creating your accounts;
  2. Refrain from using the platform to carry out acts contrary to morality, public order, good customs and the law, either against the platform, its operator and/or users;
  3. Timely pay the economic consideration defined in the purchase process;
  4. Refrain from carrying out conduct that violates the operation of the platform;
  5. Refrain from deciphering, decompiling or disassembling any element of the platform or any of its parts;
  6. In general, all those conducts necessary for the execution of the legal business, such as: i.) The receipt of the ordered products ii.) Verify at the time of validation that the selected products do correspond to those needed; and,
  7. Not to offer services whose trademarks are not owned or not licensed for use.

The other corresponding obligations provided for in the Ecuadorian Organic Law for the Protection of Personal Data are included.


The intellectual property of the creations, designs and any type of work that may be subject to copyright that has arisen as a result of the activities carried out by DAVID FERIA ESTUDIO for its clients, will fall totally and exclusively to the benefit of the applicant. of those services, without prejudice to which the latter will recognize the name of DAVID FERIA ESTUDIO as the sole author, unless otherwise agreed.

The aforementioned conditions will always consider the prices in force at the time of requesting the change and not the prices that were at the time of purchase.


DAVID FERIA ESTUDIO’s order delivery logistics consists of a set of stages necessary to provide the customer a quality delivery service with a satisfactory shopping experience. The time of each stage varies with each client according to the characteristics of their order. The stages of our process are as follows:
Reception of the order: In an introductory meeting, DAVID FERIA ESTUDIO receives information on the client’s needs. At the end of the meeting we verify that the order is correct and a form of payment is agreed upon. It should be noted that, if the parties consider it necessary, control meetings can be scheduled in order to monitor the creative process.
Creative order preparation: DAVID FERIA ESTUDIO works on the client’s order.
Delivery of the order: DAVID FERIA ESTUDIO dispatches the order from the logistics center and the safe delivery is made, leaving a record of it. The information provided about the shipment is very important for the products to be delivered without any inconvenience.


In the event that a user breaches or contravenes the Terms and Conditions or current legislation, DAVID FERIA ESTUDIO may temporarily or permanently suspend, restrict or disable the account of the DAVID FERIA ESTUDIO platform services, without prejudice to other sanctions that may be established. in the other private use policies and the damages that may arise.

  1. FEES

The DAVID FERIA ESTUDIO platform may charge for the services provided and the user agrees to pay on time and according to the agreed values. The fees that the DAVID FERIA ESTUDIO platform will charge through its operators to the users for the services provided will be agreed between the parties. The fees do not include the taxes in force in Ecuadorian legislation.

In the same way, these amounts may be temporarily modified as a result of promotions in favor of the users. In all cases, the invoice will be issued in accordance with the tax data that people have uploaded to their account.


To facilitate any query or claim about the use of this platform or the transactions carried out on it, DAVID FERIA ESTUDIO has the email address [correo destinado para este propósito].


The DAVID FERIA ESTUDIO platform is a free access and use platform. Users may use the platform exclusively for their personal use, without this implying the granting of a license of the application or licenses to use any kind of brand. David Mauricio Feria Naranjo is the owner of DAVID FERIA ESTUDIO.

All copyrights and other intellectual property rights in all text, images and other materials on this platform are owned by David Mauricio Feria Naranjo or are included with the permission of the relevant owner and are protected by Ecuadorian and international laws on intellectual property. Such trademarks, creations and commercial images may not be used in connection with any product or service that may cause confusion among users and in any manner that disparages or discredits DAVID FERIA ESTUDIO. Other trademarks that are not the property of DAVID FERIA ESTUDIO and that appear on this site belong to their respective owners.
In the event that David Mauricio Feria Naranjo detects users or publications that infringe his intellectual property, he may exercise the administrative, judicial and/or extrajudicial actions he deems appropriate.
DAVID FERIA ESTUDIO is not responsible for the comments or opinions issued by third parties that are part of our content, for example, product opinions, personal opinions within news, blogs and/or videos. DAVID FERIA ESTUDIO respects the intellectual property of third parties, if you believe that your work has been used incorrectly on this platform, contact us at [correo destinado para este propósito SERVICIO AL USUARIO].


In addition to these Terms and Conditions, DAVID FERIA ESTUDIO has its own Privacy and Personal Data Processing Policy for the David Feria Estudio Platform.


These Terms and Conditions are governed by Ecuadorian law. In the event that a conflict is generated that cannot be solved between the parties, the controversy will be solved in a mediation in law administered by the Center for Business Mediation of the city of Guayaquil. Without being limiting, this clause shall apply to disputes about the interpretation, validity, effects or scope of these Terms and Conditions, your obligations and breaches of them and their economic effects.


The user expressly states that they have full legal capacity to use the DAVID FERIA ESTUDIO Platform in accordance with Ecuadorian legislation, as well as to celebrate commercial transactions that may be generated within it; likewise, he declares that all the information provided is real, truthful and reliable; therefore expressly and unequivocally declares that he has read, understands and accepts all the clauses of the Terms and Conditions of Use of the DAVID FERIA ESTUDIO Platform and its analogous documents, for which he commits to full compliance with the duties, obligations, actions and omissions contained therein.

Likewise, in the event that users from other countries use the DAVID FERIA ESTUDIO Platform, they will be subject to the provisions of these Terms and Conditions and similar documents.

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